Vlissingen: (Name in English: Flushing) is a city in the southwestern Netherlands on the former island of Walcheren. With its location between the Scheldt river and the North Sea, Vlissingen has been an important harbour for centuries. It was granted city rights in 1315. In the 17th century Vlissingen was a main harbour for ships of the Dutch East India Company (VOC). It is also known as the birthplace of Admiral Michiel de Ruyter.

Colours from the sunset in the sky. Something large being towed... Fishing at sunset.. Fishing at sunset.
Fishing 2 Fishing 3 Fishing vessel Pilot boats coming in to dock.
Pilot boat going out to ship. Admiral Michiel de Ruyter  Admiral Michiel Adriaenszoon de Ruyter,  24 March 1607 – 29 April 1676 Sailing on the Western Scheldt Sailing on the Western Scheldt
Wind pipe organ, Vlissingen  The World Windchime is a sound sculpture consisting of vertically placed bamboo tubes in which holes are made ​​. It stands at the end of the Nolledijk in Vlissingen. The wind organ is a wind instrument which is played by the wind and produces a variety of sonorous , sometimes a rush humming Wind pipe organ World wind pipe organ Looking onto the beach.
Sailing vessel. Waiting.. Sailing vessel docked. Standing proud at sunset.
Reaching out. Reaching out 2. Low tide.  Pilot boat going out to a vessel at low tide. Low tide...
Het Arsenaal and harbour for sailing vessels.  Het Arsenaal...The best amusement park in Zeeland ! Waiting for warmer weather.  Harbour in Vlissingen Frans Nearebout, Historical Rescue Hero  Naerebout was born into a poor fishing family. He was a fisherman and pilot for the Zeeland coast. July 24 and 25, 1779 the frigate Woestduyn was coming from Batavia , it approched Vlissingen waters led by an inexperienced pilot. The ship ran a ground on a sandbank . When a rescue vessel  refused to go to the aid of the vessel becasue of a storm... Naerebout together with his brother Jacob and six other brave Vlissingers went out to  the Woestduyn...risking their lives. They were able to rescue 71 of the more than one hundred people on board the ship. Big  and small  On the Western Scheldt.
Rays of wonder  Sunsets are amazing, as you watch them ever so gently bring the evenings to a closure. Whether it is over the open seas or landscapes, the mixture of the warm colours of orange, reds, yellows and with colours like purple blue, and indigo can give you the feeling of the greatness of the universe. Some where watching the sunset.  Standing alone waiting...