An old saying: When clouds appear like rocks and towers, the earth's refreshed by frequent showers.

Most of these cloud photos are taken while driving throughout the Netherlands...there are a few which were taken in Canada.

The album is to show the clouds...
War bunkers Wind turbines Walking path War bunker
Ritthem area Out for a drive 5591 Canada  Highway in New Brunswick, Canada
Saint John river  View of Saint John river driving to Plaster Rock in New Brunswick. Roulston Lake  World Pond Hockey is held every year in Plaster Rock, NB...this is the lake that when frozen used for the event. 2189  Roulston Lake view. 2293  View outside of Plaster Rock
Plaster Rock area  View outside of Plaster Rock Flying home  Canadian geese 2321  A view of the Tobique river 6301
6304 6310 6311 6312
6314 6315 6317 6319
6320 6321 6330 6333
6336 6338 6340 6343
6345 6348 6350 6352
6353 6365 6370 6371
6379 6384 6385 6389
6396 View of Veere  This photo was taken one day when we were sailing. It is the village of Veere. Veere Veere area
Veere area 2 Veere area3  This photo shows the bicyle path on the right side of the grass and the road to the left.